In Assam, the 207 years old banyan tree located at Jalikhata village of Bajali subdivison in Barpeta district, is believed to be one of the 2nd largest living trees in Asia. The trees is now submerged by flood.
As a result of incessant rain for last few days following surging river water of Kaldia posses serious threat of flood. The ‘Kalibari Siva Than’ here at Jalikhata which have constructed alongside of an ancient banyan trees have totally been submerged by river water of Kaldia. The kaldia river water flows over the embankment and a portion have been washed away and the entire ‘Kalibari Siva Than’ area has been submerged where Siva temple was constructed. The current of flood water possess serious threat to the ancient trees
nearly 207 years old.

Mention may be made that the people demanded to save the tree from the flood water of Kaldia river from long time back and lack of proper measure once again the three is under the threat of flood water.

The local’s claims that the tree is second oldest in the Asia and it covers around five bighas of land and is of 155 metres in height. The tree is one of the major points of attraction for the visitors, especially students of various educational institutions of the State for project work and they have been celebrating the tree’s birthday on World Environment Day since 2012 to bring awareness about its deteriorating condition. Few days ago the nature lovers of the area had celebrated the 207th birthday of the tree.

They feel that the tree is the nations property and that it should be saved at any cost.

Ananda Khataniar Brand Ambassador Forest and environment department informed he has already informed the matter to the deputy commissioner and higher official to take immediate anti erosion measure to save the tree at any cost.

“We believe that this banyan tree is also the oldest tree in the region. The tree is not only important because of the conservation point of view but also due to the traditional beliefs.
So the authorities should take proper steps to save the tree at any cost,” said some of the people of the area.There is a tremendous social relevance of the banyan tree to the local people.

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