They say faith can move mountains – it can make you do challenge your limits and accomplish feats others might deem impossible. From fasting for hours, to travelling hundreds of kilometres to visit a place of worship, devotees do it all.

For a 68-year-old woman from Maharashtra, faith and devotion have motivated her to embark on a rather daunting journey – cycling all the way to Vaishno Devi. Even the fittest of people might find this treacherous and almost impossible, but neither age nor the pandemic has been able to change her mind or dampen her spirit.

A video of the woman was shared on Twitter by a user called Ratan Sharda. The post tells the story of the elderly lady, who has embarked on a solo 2,200 km bicycle journey from Buldhana district to Vaishno Devi.

The video, which was shot when the lady was already on her way to Vaishno Devi, has garnered over 1.63 lakh views.

‘A 68-year-old Marathi lady is going to Vaishnodevi on her own, alone, by geared cycle. 2200 km from Khamgaon. Mother’s power’, Ratan Sharda wrote on Twitter.

While many users praised the woman’s courage and commitment, some said her well-wishers, relatives, or children should have made alternate arrangements for the journey.


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