Holi, also known as the fastive of colours was celebrated with great fervor across the country, amid coronavirus scare it is also colourfully celebrated by the people of Assam, especially by the people of Barpeta.

During the Doul Utsava the people of Barpeta are filled with festivity and joy. It is a festival of colour and happiness.

And they forget their sorrows and agonies and celebrate it with traditional gaiety and enthusiasm. The festival is also called “Holi” or “Fakuwa.” Celebrated in the months of Phagun and Chot, when spring descends and the world is filled with new green leaves on the trees, the flowers bloom, birds sing sweet songs, the gentle wind blows carrying the natural fragrance and everything in this world changes offering a a beautiful panorama. And it is in this sweet moment that the festival of Doul Utsava of Barpeta is celebrated.

Holi Geets of Barpeta are remarkably popular and are embedded in the heart of every Assamese. These Holi Geets are exquisite compositions in praise of Lord Krishna.

People from different places visit Barpeta Satra to see the Doul Utsava and take part in the festivities.
In some places like Pathsala, Patacharkuchi, Howly in the same district youngsters were seen playing holi near their homes.

Earlier, Due to the raising cases of Corona virus across India, the district administration of Barpeta raided against foreign products of holi powder


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