Bohag Bihu or Rongali Bihu, the festival of Assam welcoming the “Assamese New Year”, inspires unity, humanity, the bond of love, joy, expressed through intoxicating songs and dances. The festival lasts for 7 days with each day having a significance of its own. The first day of the festival week is called Goru (Assamese word for cattle) Bihu and it is dedicated to the cattle and livestock across the state. During the Goru Bihu celebration, the cattle and buffaloes are taken to nearby ponds or river banks for a ceremonial bath in the morning. The horns and heads of the animals are rubbed with the paste of newly harvested turmeric and black gram. The chopped pieces of brinjal, turmeric and water gourd are thrown on the animals and also feed them.

Bajali celebrates Bihu every year with joy, great fervour and ecstasy. However, this year people of Bajali is celebrating Bihu home to home only due to COVID-19 outbreak and lockdown situation. Following the tradition of bathing the cows, people have bathed the cows and buffaloes at home and the tradition of rubbing the horns and heads with the paste of newly harvested turmeric and black gram. People have prepared different “pithas” and sweets at home and are sticking by the custom that has been followed for centuries.
The functions and gatherings scheduled to be held on the occasion of Bohag Bihu or Rangali Bihu have been called off.

The show held in Gobindapur Satra, which is famous for the only fashion show of cattle in the state is also cancelled this time because of the lockdown. Farmers participate in the show with their cows groomed like a model. This event has inspired farmers for rearing cattle and taking good care of them. However, this time the event is cancelled owing to the COVID-19 crisis.


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