This is the time for celebration in India, and a number of states are celebrating different festivals but silently.Several things have changed this year, including the way people celebrate, because of the Coronavirus lockdown. Assam too celebrated Rongali Bihu, a silent affair because of the nationwide lockdown.

Bajali Police on Tuesday celebrated Rongali Bihu at Pathsala while maintaining the norms of the lockdown. They sing Bihu (geet) songs and also perform Bihu dance by maintaining distance at Pathsala out post.

Bohag Bihu, or Rongali Bihu, is Assam’s biggest festival and marks the onset of spring and the beginning of the Assamese new year and involves feasting.
The Bihu celebrations start with Goru Bihu when cattle are bathed and worshipped. Most rituals will be restricted with the social distancing norms in place to check the spread of Covid-19.

By- Sasanka Talukdar


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