This Assam youth from Bajali Dr. Bhaskar Choudhury, who brought revolution in Mathematics in America is felicitated in Pathsala .

Choudhury was felicitated in his home in Pathsala town by the ‘Pathsala Press Guild’, ‘Pathsala Bazaar Committee’, ‘Barpeta District Student’s Union’, ‘Pathsala Krishnakanta Handique jr. College’.

Not only America but other countries as well like Australia, New Zealand have been benefitted by Bhaskar Choudhury’s website, a website for learning mathematics in a fun and effective way. By 2020 this facility will be available in India and Assam also.

Now after the introduction of learning of  Mathematics in the 50 states of America, now He is thinking of expanding the courses to Science and Engineering.

Dr. Bhaskar Choudhury secured 6th position in HSLC from Bajali Higher Secondary, Pathsala and studied in Cotton University after which he moved to Delhi University for studying Physics. After his graduation he was working as a senior scientist in Intel from 2000 for 10 years.

He told that he will start the same course in Assamese in the coming years.

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