The current state of the world has been a huge threat for survival. The COVID-19 has pushed everyone into confinement and forced us all to rethink our lives and the purpose for it. As the world is fighting the deadly virus it is important to be positive and have hope for the crisis to get over and start a new day.

With the intention of spreading hope and positivity director Arunjit Borah along with his team has come up with an experimental lockdown video titled ” SUNBEAM ” capturing artist and people around the globe sharing their thoughts about this difficult times, yet staying positive. Borah is a Mumbai based Indian filmmaker and have been working actively since 2015 as a director for variety of short films, ad films and will soon be releasing his debut feature film Midnight Song.

Arunjit says, “The world is going through a difficult time, perhaps one of the most difficult times in the history of the mankind. However, though Covid 19 has brought in so much fear, anxiety and depression into the world, on a positive note, this has come as a blessing in disguise as well. The bright side of the situation is, this has brought the whole world together, helping us realize the fact that we are human first in spite of differences of race, language, religion, demography or skin color, having exactly the same kind of emotions inside us.
On individual front also, this has helped us providing the break to introspect and to be freer, expressive and nourish our creative sides”

The director also added,” I firmly believe, the end of this crisis will transform the world by changing the way we have been thinking and living. The brighter days are sure to come. There is always a bright sun awaiting at the end of a dark night”

Associate Producer Stanley Coelho from Chicago expressed his reason for being a part of SUNBEAM and said, “This Global Experimental Lockdown Project had a purpose, and I think we were able to achieve it through this video, you may not
understand the language from every participant from different parts of the world but they bring one strong message for all of us, to be one and to be Positive”

SUNBEAM’s Assistant director and writer of the Hindi poem, Priyashree Kashyap says, “Working on a project like SUNBEAM at a time like this is a creative stimulation. The content of the video is so beautiful and positive that it is motivating. And after hearing the concept and vision of my director Arunjit, I was clear how the poetry should sound and feel. Even while sitting at home we have worked really hard and with all sincerity. Hope the positivity that we experienced while making it, people experience the same while watching the video”

Rantu Chetia, the editor of SUNBEAM says, it’s been a unique experience as we collaborated with people from different parts of the world. And the motto is to defeat the pandemic. Great to be able to stand with the people at this time of crisis.

Mayur Nagpal on working on the background score says, “The kind of music I’m making for the film is orchestral inclined and portrays motivation and hope. As we know that it’s tough time for all of us and with the film we are trying to spread the message of unity and that we are all in this scenario together globally and we’ll get through this soon only if we stay positive and hope for the better future”

The video have been made under all the lockdown rules and regulations.

SUNBEAM is set to release on the 29 May 2020, 12pm IST on the entire digital platform for public viewing. It has been directed by Arunjit Borah, associate producer is Stanley Coelho, content writer is Rajdweep, assistant director/writer (Hindi poem) is Priyashree Kashyap, creative associate is Nirupam Borboruah, editor is Rantu Chetia, background score is by Mayur Nagpal and poster designer is Graphic Buzz.


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