Students observed the “World Environment Day” on Saturday by celebrating the completion of 209 years of Asia’s second largest Banyan tree at Jalikhata village in Assam’s Bajali district.

They celebrated the occasion by planting saplings in the premises of the Jalikhata temple where the tree is located.
Locals residents believe that the banyan tree, which spread over four bighas of land, has completed 209 years old. On this day nature lovers of the area had celebrated the 207th birthday of the tree in the year 2019. The people of the area gathered in huge numbers and have also cut a cake weighed 60kg on the occasion of the birthday celebration of the banyan tree.
People from various nooks and corners of the State and even from outside have also visited the place.Scholars from Korea and Japan also came to see the tree in the past and it attracts many tourists.

Ananda Khataniyar, brand Ambassador of forest and environment department of Assam, said, “This is the tought time as the world is facing oxygen crises due to COVID-19. So, we should plant more trees to increase oxygen level.”

Nature lover, Smita Parashar- a 24 year old girl said, “Today we planted more then 50 trees across Pathsala town. During the COVID-19 pandemic, trees also provide other benefits which have always been there but are now coming more in focus. Trees can help provide a stress relief during these crazy and unusual times.Everyone should work together towards restoring the degrading ecosystem.”

It may be mentioned that, Parashar teaches free Yoga classes to more than 70 covid patients to improve immunity via online classes during this tought time.

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