The entire world is a global village and as citizen of 21st century we all witnessed the positive fruitfulness of globalisation, with the upgradation of technology an affordable aviation industry we have been liberated to go and visit every nook and corner of the globe in no time. Businesses have been able to flourish across the geographical boundaries of any nation. But with the outbreak of the novel corona virus it brought the entire world to a complete standstill. Now we have to rethink the very idea of globalisation.
The rapid spread of the corona virus can itself be the negative aspect of globalisation.
Earlier in the 19th and the 20th century there were many pandemics which hit human civilization be it plague, malaria, Spanish flu etc but they were contained within a specific geographical zone which is not possible in the current world. It is globalisation due to which highly contagious disease like corona virus
is rapidly exported all over the globe hampering more than 200 nations.
Now question of the hour is next is what? Once the pandemic is over which will definitely take some time but it has compelled the world community to rethink and remould the very agenda of globalisation.
For many poor and developing countries like India, china and some African nations globalisation was the power booster to economic growth.
As a result of that entire human race going to suffer. The international monetary fund already announced that global economy in a serious slow down and we are heading towards a recession. Central Bank of many nations registered negative growth leading to job loss, price hike, high inflation rate.

It is a kind of a problem that each and every human being irrespective of their monetary might will gonna feel and experience.
Hope world leaders and economists will come together and put a collective and comprehensive agenda to save us from the economic turmoil in the aftermath of this Chinese exported virus.

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