The photos of a girl selling vegetables on a bicycle is going viral after a number of media houses share the video. Many of you have already understood by now of whom we are talking about. Yes, You have guessed it right, We are talking about Janmoni Gogoi, a 20 year old girl, resident of Saphakati, Ghogora Gaon. She is supporting her family by selling vegetables door to door on a bicycle after the lockdown was imposed due to COVID-19 pandemic.
Before the lockdown she used to sell vegetables in the Borboruah market. But after the lockdown the market is closed and she took the decision to sell vegetables door to door on a bicycle for the income.

You may be wondering why this girl is selling vegetables and taking the responsibility of her family. Her father is ill and has been bedridden for 18 years as he cannot walk. Her mother sells vegetables in the Borboruah market and for the last 2 years Janmoni has been helping her.

Janmoni has completed her higher secondary from Dibrugarh Government Girls’ HS School. She is the only daughter of Kiran Gogoi and Monomoti Gogoi. She has a dream to pursue higher education.

Janmoni said, “After the lockdown, we have faced many difficulties to run our family as we could not go to Borbaruah to sell vegetables. Coronavirus has spread fear among the village people. We are not getting any help from the government. So I decided to sell vegetables on a bicycle in our locality. We procure vegetables from Bogibeel and sell in Jamira,”

After her video went viral and many media houses share the video, it got the attention of Dibrugarh Police and they decided to gift her a moped.
Dibrugarh DSP(HQ) Pallavi Mazumdar handed a TVS moped to Janmoni in her residence.

Addressing the media Pallavi Mazumdar DSP(HQ) said “After We got the news we decided to help her. However, she refused to take any monetary help from us. She has self-respect and she didn’t want any help from us and then we decided to give her a moped which will help her during ferrying vegetables,”. “We are proud of her and she is a true inspiration for others,” the DSP added. Pratidin Time reported.

At the same time Sashi Kanta Saikia, Principal of DHSK College, Dibrugarh showed eagerness and willingness to help her pursuing higher studies.

Janmoni told, “I am thankful to the Dibrugarh police. This will help me in a great way and ferrying vegetables from one place to another will now be easier.”

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