Videos of dead stray dogs on display have been circulating around social media.


These images are from Bahria Town, Karachi, where local authorities killed a stray dog with a bullet. No one came to rescue the innocent creature and the one filming kept on capturing the video of the dog dying of pain. The video is disturbing as the dog was sleeping peacefully on the side of the road, when apparently Bahria Town’s management van came and shot him to death. Blood could be seen all over the place and people making videos of the suffering animal.

Ushna Shah expresses anger over mistreatment of stray animals.

Crying Shah said that how the poor dog died a slow, excruciating death and no one came to help him. “It kept yelling and screaming in pain until it died and there was blood everywhere. Everyone was just watching him, the person filming the video was also just watching and no one came forward to help or euthanize him. They kept on watching a speechless creature suffer and die in pain”. Shah added how instead of killing the creature, the people could have been sent to ACF (Ayesha Chundrigar Foundation). “He could have even been euthanized, spayed, neutered or just been given to an animal organization. But they chose a single bullet to end it all,” she lamented. “If the coronavirus is God’s wrath on mankind then perhaps we deserve it. Because we shouldn’t be allowed to live this way. If this is humanity then I’m ashamed to be human,” she concluded.

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