Himalayan range visible from Bihar’s Singhwahini village after decades


Dreamlike image of the great snow-topped Himalayan top as observed from a town in Bihar’s Sitamarhi locale is grabbing across the board eye via web-based networking media. 

The image which has been taken from the patio of a house in Singhwahini town was shared by Ritu Jaiswal, Mukhiya of the Gram Panchayat in Singhwahini on Twitter. 

Jaiswal asserted the mountain top that she has seen from the patio of her home is Mt. Everest. 

She additionally said she could get a ‘darshan’ of the ‘genuine Himalaya’ without precedent for her life from her own town. 

I can see Mt. Everest from the patio of my home at Singhawahini town in Sitamarhi area. Nature is adjusting itself,” Jaiswal tweeted in Hindi. 

“The slopes close to the Nepal outskirt are frequently noticeable after downpour however this is the first occasion when that I got a ‘darshan’ of the genuine Himalayas from my own town,” she included. 

Albeit many Twitter clients communicated their shock by taking a gander at the lovely picture, a segment of the clients scrutinized the validness of the case made by Jaiswal. 

At the point when a client asked Jaiswal how she could affirm the image of the pinnacle, she clarified the land position of the town and guaranteed that individuals, who experienced childhood in the town, could see the mountain in their adolescence during the 80s. 

As indicated by Google Maps, the separation between Sitamarhi region and Mt. Everest is 205 km and the flying separation is 194 km. 

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