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We all know that internet is a Wide Area Network that connects all the people all over the globe together. The major services include net banking, e-commerce, e-trading, e-learning, social networking, etc. India has witnessed an exponential growth in the usage of digital wallets in the past few years, especially after demonetization.

But after the excuses that have been coming from the Assam govt. for curtailing internet services in Assam, the definition of internet has to be altered atleast for the people of Assam. According to the govt., internet implies to all the social media applications which provide a platform to post, comment and share our views. Other usage of internet such as e-commerce, e-trading, e-banking, e-library, etc. are of least importance to the govt.

Social media websites can be curtailed specifically in an area using firewall security, many of the educational institutions or offices and organizations do that which we have witnessed in our day-to-day lives. The same can be done at this critical time too, no one is going to question that. The fake excuses given by the govt.  that there is no way of providing internet services exclusively excluding the social media websites have been understood by each and every layman.

The IT department can definitely take the required steps to enable internet services banning the ‘harmful’ social media sites. It is a shame for the govt. as well as the IT dept. to ban internet as a whole only to prevent people from using social media apps.

Therefore, it’s high time for the Assam govt. to realize the fact that no such acts will stop the public from protesting against ‘CAA’ and looking at the unbearable conditions of the common people, e-traders, bankers, students, learners, and so on without internet, the necessary steps to provide internet services (banning social media websites, if required) throughout the state should be taken.

by- Seema Choudhury

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