A Dubai based women resident of Mumbai, Maharashtra sparked  controversy over social media after posting in Facebook where she said, “Every market in East Indian states of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland is wet market like China”.

Students and residents of North East India have started online campaign #Stop_Racism_Discrimination.

Anjan Talukdar tweeted, According to this madam. “Every market in East Indian states of Assam, Meghalaya, Tripura, Manipur, Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland is wet market like china”.She is promoting rasicm and hurting the emotions of many communities and tribes of Northeast India by spreading rumors.

General Secretary of Bhattadev University, Arnab Barman said, “Such prejudiced mentality towards North-eastern people hurts the emotions of the people.We are shamed on such retarded mentality.” 

Smriti Sarma Haloi criticising the post said, “72 years of independence and still we the people of North East have to face such blatant outburst of racism.” 

Shajid Khan a resident of Undalguri district tweeted, Spread love not hatred.There is no such wet market in Assam.Please stop spreading such fictional narratives.

Assam Society of Bangalore posted, “Can’t believe such people still exists in this world. People with such mentality should definitely see a Doctor ASAP”.In Assam, there is nothing like China, we have separate rooms for fish market, chicken, mutton and pork.

Jitu Das posted,  In China, the wet markets contain mostly wild animals, such as bats, pangolins,snake etc and stored together. These close contact with wild animals spread disease to human. Mostly bats are regarded as the highest carrier of diseases.
In Assam, we had zero COVID 19 cases , until people came home from Delhi and other places. 
When you said every market in North East is like in China’s wet market, you must have done thorough research in whatsapp university !
Report her account for spreading rumors about North East. These types of rumors harm the image of North East, and people from N.E are treated badly in other states !!She is hurting the emotions of many communities and tribes.

Eric Development Society posted, “Mentality towards North-eastern people. She is hurting the emotions of north eastern people.We shame on such mentality”.

“Such rumours are the basis for which north eastern people face racial discrimination and abuse in North Indian states.” said a resident of Barpeta district.


  1. “A little learning is a dangerous think.”- thus goes an English proverb…..suits best for so called ill-informed intellect like her…


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