The world today is facing the biggest health risk which is Corona virus or COVID-19.By the end of the march this virus is spread over 185 countries. Because of this all education institutions are shut down. Mainly it affect students.
So as a final year student today I am focusing on entrance examination. Guwahati University and Tezpur University has decided not to conduct entrance examination this year and admit student based on their performance with qualifying examination. I think which is not justified for us. Entrance exams are necessary for selection into a institution. UGC declared terminal semister or final yearas examination conducted by the end of the month of september.So my question is if the government is able to conduct final year examination then why the government is not helping the universities to conduct entrance examination ? there are plenty of procedures which can obstract the virus from spreading like distance which could be placing the seates within 1 miter distance, availability of hand wash and sanitizer in every examination centers and obligation of wearing all protective items as Mask, Gloves etc.
So I requested to the government to take care of all this precautions and help the universities to conduct entrance examination this year instead of admit students based on their marks.



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