Assam’s popular actor Rajkumar Talukdar , a nature lover showed his extreme care to the animal by distributing food among monkey and stray dogs as both are in severe crises of food during lockdown period.

As the visitors stop visiting the temples and shops and business establishment remained closed the stray animal facing actute shortage of food.

The actor, moreover, also distributed food to the poor who are struggling to earn a single meal a day in Bajali area. Amid the nationwide lockdown over the coronavirus pandemic, the underprivileged in the country are suffering and many have come together to help the poor and needy during this crisis.

‘The lockdown has adversely affected daily lives in more ways than one, but it is not just for people who are facing a tough time’ he said .

“This is a tough time for everyone and we must come forward to help everyone- be it the needy men or the animals,” Talukdar said while speaking to Times of Northeast.

Actor Rajkumar Talukdar, a resident of Pathsala town in lower Assam’s Barpeta district, recently took the initiative of feeding monkeys at Basistha Temple in Guwahati. He also feeds stray dogs at Pathsala railway station.

His unique endevour has been lauded by the people of the locality.

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