The coronavirus cases worldwide are increasing with every passing day. But along with that, the number of myths and misconceptions around it are also increasing. First, Belarus president claimed that vodka, saunas kill coronavirus. Then an MLA from Assam said that ‘gaumutra’ and ‘gobar’ are cures. Recently, Donald Trump suggests sunlight, bleach could cure Covid-19.

If all this wasn’t enough, a health blogger from Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire recently said that ingesting sperm can help combat Covid-19. As bizarre as it sounds, Tracy Kiss, 32, intakes her boyfriend’s sperm every day either directly or by making a smoothie out of it, reports The Sun.

Not just that, she has a reason to attempt such a stunt. She says that it is packed with vitamin C, calcium and magnesium that can help people to stay healthy during the pandemic. The personal trainer said:

“The purity of it is just wonderful. People are stocking up on pasta, but really it’s about looking at your health and looking at what goes in your body.”

“It’s nature’s multivitamin, and it’s there, it’s natural, it’s free. It’s everything you need in one daily dose. It’s a really normal part of my life, it contains a lot of nutrients, vitamins and minerals.”

However, doctors said this bizarre method is ‘nonsense’ and ‘extremely worrying’. Talking to The Sun, Dr Sarah Jarvis said:

“The idea of drinking semen doesn’t have the slightest nugget of science behind it and is frankly extremely worrying. There is absolutely no benefit to drinking semen from one known ‘donor’ even when you know everything about their sexual history.”

She further adds, “But if you are taking in semen from more than one person, you would run the risk of sexually transmitted infections as well. There are clear ways you can protect yourself. Please don’t listen to any other nonsense.”

Tracy says that she has noticed a positive difference in her dry skin ever since she started using semen as part of her healthcare routine, three years ago. She also freezes them in an ice tray to use another day. She also added that ingesting semen resulted in an energy boost and induces a better night’s sleep.

“I’ve never known the rush of drinking espresso, instead this makes me more alert and awake. It just makes me feel a lot more controlled and present. I’m not as forgetful or tired and it’s a natural anti-depressant!”

She has been taking the fluid five times a week for more than three years now directly from her boyfriend.

The mother-of-two also said that people don’t adopt her method because they are too embarrassed. “People cannot detach that actually it’s very good for you. We don’t have to be embarrassed about natural remedies, because it’s that embarrassment that puts us off from trying. There were times when my family didn’t want to give me a kiss on the cheek. Now they say that natural is such a good choice to make,” she adds.

Well, we don’t know if this method works or not. But we would suggest you stick to the health guidelines issued by the government, keep yourself clean and hygienic and practice social distancing to avoid contracting the virus.

Source- Storypick


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