The GU Eco Club,Moi Prokriti has been actively taking part in the protest against the decision of NBWL to carry out coal mining at the Saleki region of Dehing Patkai Rainforest.

The Eco Club has come forward with another initiative of Twitter Storm to boost the online movement with collaboration of the students of Cotton University, Tezpur University, DIbrugarh University and Bhattadev University.

The Twitter Storm will be done on 24th May,2020 from 7 to 8 pm by using the hashtag #SaveDehingPatkai. The aim of this Twitter storm is to trend the issue of Dehing Patkai and make people of other states as well as national media aware of the issue.

“We request all the people of Assam to take part in this Twitter Storm and make the Dehing Patkai issue a national issue. We the students can really make a difference and if all of us comes together,there will be great impact. I request every students as well as all the people of Assam to take part in this campaign” said Lakhyajit Das,Vice-President of PGSU 2019-20 and a member of the Eco-Club in a statement.

“If we can trend the #SaveDehingPatkai in Twitter,it will surely be noticed by the people of the other states, the national media and the government which would really help for the cause we are fighting for. An humble request to everyone to tweet tomorrow and if you don’t have an account on Twitter,please do create it.” said Parshwa Patgiri,a member of the Eco-Club in a statement.


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