At a time when the Assam government is spending crores of rupees for promoting tourism but to no avail, In an unique adventure,a young couple of Pathsala in Barpeta district,Rakesh Choudhury and Nitumani Talukdar have embarked on a biking journey across 13 States starting from Assam to Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya pradesh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka, Tamilnadu, Andhra Pradesh, Odisha, West Bangel, and 3 Union Territories and will cover 8500kms journey to spread the tourism potentials of Assam.

The main theme of this journey is ‘To spread beauty of Assam across India’.
The couple will co-ordinate with the local riding clubs of the states which will arrange for their lodging.

In the programme the couple was felicitated by various organisations at Pathsala in front of Hari Mandir.

Ananda Khataniar Brand Ambassador Forest and environment department flaged off the ride in presence of Luit riders, Bajali cycling community, All Assam Students Union along with locals of the area.

While speaking to Times of Northeast Rakesh Choudhury said “It will be a little effort by us towards the awareness of tourism potentials of Assam ,as despite Assam having untapped tourism prospects with numerous wildlife sanctuaries and national parks, the tourist outflow is not as such it must have been.We will interact with students of schools and colleges and also meet the biker clubs midway where we will divulge the rich culture,food habits and historic places and nature landscapes of Assam.”He further said, “ Be it plastic ban,Swacch Bharat or plantation of plants, it is the people who must.

“It is a heartwarming gesture by the couple for promoting the pristine beauty of Assam and attract tourists from the length and breadth of the country” said brand ambassador of Forest and environment, Ananda Khataniar.

“It is a pride moment for the greater Assamese society,specially at a time when the Assam government have spend crores for promoting tourism but such risk-taking daring adventurous persons must be encouraged by the government” said, Barpeta Chapter, All Assam Students’ Union(AASU) General Secretary, Samudra Patgiri.

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