At a time when environment pollution has become a serious problem and the unabated disposal of plastic by locals at the ‘Bisarnala Jan’ at Pathsala has killed many fish in the water body for the second time.

The Bisarnaala Jan is a small rivulet flowing through Pathsala town, 150 metres away from the Pathsala Municipality Board.

A section of people has been consistently disposing of garbage and non-biodegradable waste in Bisarnala Jan, effectively transforming it into a dumping site.

This activity poses a significant environmental threat to the surrounding area due to the non-biodegradable nature of the waste, leading to foul odours and pollution in the vicinity of the water body. The residents are concerned about the potential spread of diseases from decomposing fish. They mentioned that if the water is contaminated, animals and birds that rely on the rivulet for drinking water could perish.

Jadab Chanda Roy, a senior citizen of the locality, said, “We already complained to the authority to clean the canal, but there was no response. Pathsala Municipality Board unfortunately failed to control it.”

Dhritiman Das General Secretary of Bhattadev University, “Bisarnaala Jan which is adjacent to the institution. Some people dump waste material and plastic at the canal which become a threat to the birds and animals. Every time bad small came from the canel.
Concerned authority should look into the matter.”


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