A viral video surfaced on social media sites that shows a girl from the Northeast, India reportedly being raped and physically tortured by five persons, including a woman.

However, it is still unknown where the incident occurred and in which state, who the perpetrators were, and what had driven their heinous act.

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The culprits forced a liquor bottle inside the victim’s private part while recording a video, but the most disgusting part is that a woman encouraged such behavior. She even held the victim down. The culprits were also spotted on a video call, exchanging visuals with others while abusing the girl.

Prior to that the five culprits slapped and also stepped on the victim’s face before stripping her naked. 

Union Minister Kiren Rijiju said: “The viral video of a girl from North-East being brutally raped and tortured by 4 men and 1 woman, is not related to Jodhpur suicide case. I had detail discussion with the Police Commissioner of Jodhpur. However, there must be all out efforts by all State Police to catch the devils.” 

Meanwhile, Assam Police has released the photos of all the five accused persons and has announced reward for any information in the case. 

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“Anyone with information regarding this crime or the criminals may please contact us. They will be rewarded handsomely,” Assam Police tweeted. 

“Though it is not clear where this incident took place and it may not be from Assam, we are reaching out to proactively locate the culprits,” Assam Police added. 

Meanwhile, Netizens are demanding justice for the victim and capital punishment for the perpetrators.

General Secretary of Guwahati University, Parshwa Patgiri, tweeted, “It’s really very disturbing and horrifying to see the viral video of the girl being assaulted and abused so badly. Serious actions needs to be taken against the culprits @PMOIndia @mygovindia This is completely inhuman.”

Assam Society of Bangalore demanded proper enquiry into the incident.

General Secretary of Assam Society of Bangalore, Hirak Kakati, tweeted, “Viral video flowing across the social media of an northeastern Girl being raped and physically tortured by five persons, including a woman was re ally an inhuman act. We @ASOBOfficial
strongly condemned the incident and demand for immediate investigation on it. @assampolice”.

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