Shravan month is nearing end and during this particular period of the year, farmers especially in Assam usually remain busy in agricultural activities. However, insufficient rain has hit the farmers hard; amid COVID-19 crisis.

Farmers here in many paddy growing areas are facing hardships due to insufficient rainfall in Bajali district. They have collected water from the nearest river to paddy fields through machine.

A women said, “The amount of rainfall we expected is yet to occur this year. Therefore we are facing problems in sowing”, said a women of a village.”

Another farmer said, “As cultivation is the only way to earn our livelihood, we are worried about the outcome this year. While there is no rain at all, the heatwave condition continues to prevail. There may be drought in our district this year.”

It may be mentioned that, In Assam, geoclimatic variations and agriculture’s dependence on rainfall have resulted in three distinct rice growing seasons: sali or winter rice (June/July to November/December); ahu or autumn rice (March/April to June/July); and boro or summer rice (November/December to May/June).

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