Almost all parents often face a common problem–”Where should the child be taught? While a child is going to be admitted in a school all parents find it difficult to decide – whether the child should be admitted in an Assamese medium school or in an English one. Most parents think that if their child does not learn English well he/she will face various problems in getting higher studies or in appearing in any entrance exam. or in travelling abroad and so on.

Next problem is that when a student is promoted to class IX what subject he/she should select as his/her elective subject– Sanskrit, Advanced Mathematics, Hindi, Geography, Computer Science or any other? After passing the H.S.L.C Exam. the same problem arises whether the student should select Science or Arts or Commerce stream. Another problem comes after selecting the stream-what subjects he/she should choose which will help him/her in future academic career. If a student selects the science stream and he/she passes the Final Examination with good results then another problem whether he/she will prepare himself/herself for appearing in any entrance examination to be get admitted in Engineering or Medical Science or in any degree course selecting a subject as his/her major subject. The same is the case with a student of arts or commerce stream.Such problems are common to all parents and their children. In this respect, a famous poem, ‘The Road not Taken’ by Robert Frost comes to mind. The central idea of the poem is ‘making choice’. As mentioned in the poem the poet could not decide which road he should take while he reached a yellow wood where the two roads diverged. Finally the poet chose the road which was less travelled by which was an exception.Like Robert Frost every man faces some problems in every walk of life which is very difficult to solve.If a person chooses the right path he will become successful in life and if he chooses the wrong one he will have to stumble in life everywhere.

The main thing I would like to mention here is that-the problem of choice regarding the education of our children and how to find a way to solve it.The wise men often say,”The knowledge of any subject can easily be acquired through mother tongue.” Discussion on such matters is often seen on television screen or in print media.Guardians,on the other hand, take their own decision regarding the education of their children. But the important thing is that a child/student should enable himself/herself to acquire almost all the knowledge of the subject he/she has been taught. Some students in English medium schools cannot make out the meaning of all the chapters of a subject. Their problem is that they find it difficult to understand the meaning of various sentencs in a lesson.As a result,they are not able to acquire the perfect knowledge of those particular subjects. In this regard, guardians should keep it in mind whether their child has been able to learn the subjects he/she has been taught or not. It is true that only knowledge of the
English language cannot make a man parfect in every field. A student studying in an Assamese medium School also can acquire the know ledge of the English language if he/she studies this subject whole heartedly.
So medium cannot be the problem of learning a second language like English. Rather most of the students in English medium school can not acquire the knowledge of the Assamese language which is actually their mother tonque. Actually, it is a matter of shame that being an Assamese and not having the least knowledge of the mother tongue while the Assamese people are struggling to establish the Assamese language and culture.

The same problem arises in selecting the stream after passing the H.S.L.C. Exam. Actually percentage of marks is not the main thing to get admitted in a stream– Arts, Science or Commerce. Most parents take some wrong decision in selecting the stream depending upon the percentage of marks of their children. Most of them are unaware of the actual merit of their children and finally it becomes a great problem for a student to become successful as desired. For example, some students are admitted in science stream as they have seen able to obtain star or distinction marks in the H.S.L.C. Exam, but their actual merit is not like that of a student of science stream for which such students become unsuccessful. Some students, on the other hand, spend/waste year after year trying to become successful in entrance examinations for getting admitted in engineering or medical science and finally achieves nothing. Most of them are unaware of the fact that there are other alternatives having better scope for their higher studies. Same is the case with a student after passing the H.S. Final Exam also. It can be concluded that guardians should be aware of the actual merit of their children and a right decision of the guardians will pave the way for their children in future academic carear. In this respect, guardians should not hesitate or feel ashamed to take advice from the well-experienced persons for the greater benefits of their children.

By- Utpal Barkakati
Phone No. 9435273779

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