The Allahabad High Court in Uttar Pradesh has delivered a major verdict on Thursday. The high court, while hearing a case, said that having sex with a wife above the age of 15 years would not be considered rape. The High Court has accepted the bail application of the accused husband in the case of having sex with a minor wife.

In this case, the husband was accused of harassing her for dowry and having unnatural sex. The court said that section 375 of the IPC has been amended in 2013, so it does not fall under the category of rape. The case pertains to Moradabad, where the wife filed a case against her husband for dowry, assault, and forced sex. A petition was filed by the husband in the Allahabad High Court in the same case.

In another case recently, the Allahabad High Court had said that having sex by falsely promising marriage should fall under the category of rape offense. The high court had also talked about enacting a law on this.

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