In a remarkable achievement one youth of Pathsala Khanin Roy completed 1000 kms anti drug walathon in 28 days and the well wishers congratulated him on his achievement.

He started his journey to spread his anti drug and anti depression message from Dhubri in the first part of December 2020 and reached his target the Shantipur under Arunachal Lower Dibang velly district. Successfully on January 5, 2021. He is doing some uncommon works few years back under the aegis of Brain and Figure an organization of the locality. He swam across the river Brahmaputra and completed nonstop walking from Pathsala to Guwahati.

The organization named Brain and drain is working in Pathsala since 2013 and campaigning is done from 2016 as inform by Khanain Roy.

The main aim is to make the people fit physically and free from depression and drug. “I am doing such activities in order to spray the message to the society and it is our first step and then to keep everybody fit I am willing to undertake yoga camp, cycling, walking, running for the physical fitness and anybody willing to organize such camp in order to maintain good physical and mental health may contact brain and drain Pathsala” he said. He is planning some more activity in this field.

“During my mission large number of people and organization supported and praised me for my walkathon” he informed. It is learnt that in a day he walked around 25- 30 kilometers per day and his health condition is good. He has already taken many unique steps one after another in the last few years to aware the people against drug addiction and depression. He also said that depression is one of the leading causes of the suicide cases in India sufferings from depression and drug addiction have compelled youths to take extreme steps in trivial matters. He in a message to the youth said –“The youth of new generation should pursue activities like swimming, cycling, walking, undergoing yoga activities, and stay spiritually fit and active. We may not make the society totally free from both depression and drug addiction but we can try our best to reform to maximum extent” he added.

Roy, a kickboxing champion, received the best fighter of the northeast award in 1999, has won several medals at the national level championship.

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