Happiness is an abstract concept. It is Godlike and something divine which everyone cannot find. Every human being has the quest for happiness and it is a pursuit like luxury for some people. Human desire and quest for happiness is unending and infinite. Human battles and argues with himself/herself for achieving it and eventually some of them give up and some achieve it. But the quest goes on.

People often get bewildered while trying to find happiness. They get misled or get out of their track to get rid of their gloominess which later can bother them more. Since happiness is said to be an abstract concept you have to find it out in some relatable concrete things lest you won’t ever be able to find it.

A few tips that you can follow to fetch happiness in your life are:

(i)Do the things that makes you feel liberated i.e. spending time with your dear ones, pets, or diving yourself into your favorite activities.

(ii)Don’t get so much encapsulated by the thoughts which torment and cripple you. Release yourself from those. Express them to someone or jot them down. Let your mind get calmed.

(iii)Try to detect what bothers you and what does not. Detox yourself from all sorts of negativity i.e. situations, people etc as much as possible. Let not those negativity drive your individuality at all.

(iv)Identify your own individual traits which are good and foster them and practise them and let them flourish.

As we use to set various goals in our life and try to achieve them, happiness and mental and emotional wellbeing should be one of them and we must try to have those. Life is meant to be lived fully. It is for once. Live it. Be happy.

By- Jonalee Das

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