In a bid to spread awareness on drug addiction and depression among the people a youth from Assam has undertaken a herculean walk to Guwahati where he will cover a distance of 100 kms.
Khanin Roy who hails from Pathsala town in Bajali Sub-divison (now declared as Bajali District) Assam.
Roy started his journey to spread his message on the noble cause and stated. He started his journey from ‘Omala Ghar Porhashali’ premises Pathsala at around 9.30 AM on Saturday.

“The sufferings of depression and drug addiction have forced youths to take extreme steps in trivial matters.”
In his message to the youths he says, “The youth of today must not restrain them to the virtual world and pursue activities like swimming, cycling,walking ,Yoga to stay spiritually awake and mentally and physically fit and active ”
Roy with his dedicated team also runs a wellness centre, ‘ Brain and Figure‘ in Pathsala town of Barpeta district.
Previously Roy have inspired students to take cycling tours to spread the message of drug addiction and depression in Assam and he even swam across Bhamuputra (the 5th strongest river of the world Brahmaputra river) in a time span of 45 minutes in 2016 to draw the attention of the people.

In 2017 three girls from Pathsala covered two hundred kms. Distance by an awareness Cycle rally. The unique endeavor was done under the aegis of an organization named Brain and Figure, Pathsala. Their aim is to generate awareness and ensure good health and peaceful mind of the people of the society informed Khanin Roy who is initiating such programme for the benefit of the society.

He informed that they were taking yoga activity in the society and number of such uncommon programme already taken by the organization for the noble cause.

Brain and Figure acts as a crisis intervention centre for those suffering from depression by providing free counselling sessions.

He urged parents to watch out for symptoms of depression such as stopping activities, not spending time with friends or being socially isolated, among their wards.

“Parents must help their wards before they get to a super dark place,” Roy said.

“Roy’s campaign has touched all of us deeply. I love his message and his resilient nature. Everyone in society is duty-bound to save the lives and souls of our fellow beings from the grip of drugs and depression,” Pathsala resident said.

India has the highest suicide rate in the South-East Asian region, according to the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s 2016 estimate.

The report pegged India’s suicide rate at 16.5 suicides per 100,000 people.

Sri Lanka has the second highest suicide rate in the region with 14.6 suicides per 100,000 people while Thailand stands third (14.4).

India also has the third-highest female suicide rate (14.7) in the world after Lesotho (24.4) and Republic of Korea (15.4).

Around 800,000 people commit suicide every year in the world, according to the WHO report.

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