In a shocking incident, a 15-month-old baby boy suffered the loss of a finger due to a medical error at Barpeta Medical College Hospital in Assam.

The incident took place during the discharge process, where a ward boy, mistakenly assigned the task meant for a nurse, removed the child’s cannula. This unfortunate mishap has left the young child physically handicapped.

Reportedly, the victim had been under treatment for pneumonia at Barpeta Medical College Hospital for just over a week. During the discharge procedure, the responsibility of removing the cannula from the infant’s hand fell to a ward boy, who mistakenly amputated the baby’s finger.

Devastated by the situation, the family is now seeking compensation for this grievous medical error and has made a heartfelt plea to the government for support during this trying time.

This incident has raised serious concerns about patient safety, underlining the necessity for a thorough investigation into the hospital’s protocols and staff training.


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