A tractor driver become the owner of Range Rover after he won a lottery ticket in Assam.

The man identified as, Inzamamul Haque of lower Assam’s Barpeta has hit the jackpot by winning a luxury Range Rover worth a staggering Rs 75 lakhs through a lottery ticket that cost him a mere Rs 100. The life-altering win came from his participation in the lottery associated with the Howly Raas Festival.

Inzamamul Haque, a tractor driver by profession, now finds himself the proud owner of a luxurious Range Rover after securing the top prize in the lottery draw. This unexpected stroke of fortune has completely transformed the fate of the Assam resident, whose life took a remarkable turn with just a Rs 100 investment in a lottery ticket.The victory marks a significant moment for Inzamamul, emphasizing the transformative power of luck and the unpredictability of life. His win serves as a testament to the age-old adage that sometimes, fortune favors the bold and unexpected opportunities can arise from modest investments.

While speaking to the media about winning the lottery, Inzamul said, “I waited for at least 5 hours to buy two tickets in Howly Raas Mahotsav. Yesterday night, one of the friends informed me that I won and sent a photo of the results. After hearing the news, I could not sleep the entire night.” It may be mentioned that the Howly Raas Mahotsav committee organised a lottery whose first prize was a Range Rover, followed by a Toyota Fortuner, a Scorpio, a Skoda kausaq , and many others.


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