Sensation prevailed at Pathsala in lower Assam’s Bajali following the death of a youth after alleged wrong treatment by a doctor.

The deceased was identified as Mrinal Baishya (25), a resident of Raipur in Bajali was the son of Kasinath Baishya and Lalitha Baishya.

The parents of the youth claimed that the victim visited a doctor in private chamber named ‘New Arogya’ following a stomach ache.

After his routine tests, the doctor Karthik Deka said that they found a urinary tract infection and uric acid and prescribed him medicine.

After taking the medication course, Baishya’s health condition deteriorated following which the doctor recommended Baishya to get admitted in Satish Sarma Memorial Hospital in Pathsala on May 6. Deka also tried to change the medicine prescription of the victim without informing his parents.

The doctor again asked the parents to shift Baishya to Gate Hospital as he was suffering from severe jaundice. But the parents of the victim admitted him into Narayana Hospital where the doctors revealed that his two kidneys were already damaged.

The victim passed away after a few hours.

Meanwhile, the parents claimed that Biashya died due to the alleged wrong treatment by Doctor Karthik Deka. The victim’s mother said, “It was a definite case of wrong treatment. The doctor prescribed wrong medicines due to which his health deteriorated.”

“Now we want justice for our son. I request Assam CM Himanta Biswa Sarma to look into this case and his medicine company as Dr Karthik Deka is a businessman not a doctor,” the mother pleaded.


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