Guwahati’s para-cyclist Abhishek Gogoi bags silver medal in cycling at Special Olympics World Summer Games held in Abu Dhabi

Guwahati boy Abhishek Gogoi bagged a silver medal for cycling at the Special Olympics World Summer Games held in Abu Dhabi recently. The 18-year-old-boy won the medal for 10 km time trial. He is also the only one from the Northeast to participate in the Special Olympics this year, according to reports.

He was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when he was only a few months old due to complications from jaundice. Abhishek spends four hours at the gym every day and also devote another four hours of his time for cycling. He set a record at the 2018 NCC national competition in Ratu, India by covering 10 km in 19 minutes and 21 seconds.

Abhishek Gogoi

Having lost his father due to cancer at the age of eleven years, Abhishek Gogoi was brought up by his mother. The cyclist had been using and training on borrowed bikes as his family could not afford a bike due to financial problems.

However, the talented boy qualified for the Special Olympics in a borrowed bike. A loyal supporter started a crowdfunding campaign to get Abhishek his bike and some basic equipment. The cyclist started training harder when he finally got his bike and helmet. He is studying at Indira Gandhi National Open University.

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