On the 4th death anniversary of Achyut Lahkar the architect of the concept of mobile theatre rich tribute paid to the great leader of the cultural field today at Pathsala.

His widow Kiran Lahkar and Krishna Roy producer of Abahan Theatre along with member of Pathsala press guild and press club and local people also paid floral tribute at the cremation ground of the great leader.

The concept of present mobile theatre was initiated on 2nd October 1962 at pathsala by Achyut lahkar and he gave birth the Nataraj theatre. The unique thought by the passing of time with the inclusion of newness the present mobile theatre is shaped and is running throughout the state in some time outside the state too provide ample scope to the artiste and workers to earn their livelihood by solving unemployment problem of the state. By the passing of time some other groups like Kohinoor Theatre, Abahan theatre, Aradhana Theatre, Pallavi Theatre were formed and all are termed together as the mobile theatre industry.

The group besides giving entertainment to the people contributes immensely in the cultural field of the state. Krishna Roy, producer of abahan theatre who has spent sixty years in this field expressed deep concern and expressed his unhappiness as the leader still deprived from a national recognisation with national awards. He also urged the present government to award him national level award posthumously.

Kiran lahkar wife of Achyut Lahkar said, “the hard work of the great leader is in vain who provided employment opportunity to the artiste of the state and he expressed her willingness to give him a special respect to him”.

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