Assam lad Bishal Swargiary has won awards in three different international film festivals, for his short film ‘Working Man’.

Shot by using a mid-range android phone, the film has won ‘Short Best Mobile Award’ at the Europe Film Festival UK and the ‘Best Director for Mobile Short Film Award’ at the Port Blair International Film Festival.It also won at the Kolkata International Micro Film Festival.

Bishal Swargiary, the director of the film, is a resident of Paschim Rehabari village in Baghmara under Assam’s Baksa, shot the film using the Redmi Note7 Pro mobile and edited it using the Kinemaster mobile app.

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The 22-year-old, who is an alumnus of the Bajali College in Pathsala, Assam, (now upgraded to Bhattadev University) has been making waves with his micro-budgeted films centred around simple, everyday topics.

Notably, he has not taken any training in any kind of film institute till now

‘The Fun of Childhood’ (2020), another short by the young filmmaker, is also earning rave reviews.

‘Working Man’ depicts the life of a farmer who goes to work in the farm after waking up early in the morning. He uses the money that he gets to look after his family.

“I Made the film with my Redmi Note7 Pro mobile and edited it through a mobile app in Kinemaster and submitted the same to the international film festival,” filmmaker Swargiary said. “And the film so far has received three awards at the international level,” he added.

The short film stars Pinku Swargiary, Brajen Baro and Pritam Thakuria in prominent roles.

The film has also been selected for the Khamrubu International Short Film Festival, Guwahati, in the ‘First-time filmmaker section’.

Various organizations of the locality congratulated Bishal Swargiary for his achievement and arrived at his residence and felicitated him with Phulam Gamosha and Jhapi. After all well wishes and greetings pouring in the rare success.

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