Hardly few days left for the much-awaited Durga Puja festival but puja fever yet to grip the entire locality following COVID-19 pandemic. The market has not witnessed rushes of puja loving people for shopping puja dresses as earlier. People are much aware of danger COVID-19 pandemic.

Pathsala market which used to be fully crowded during the festivals a few years back wore a deserted look this year amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.“The market has fallen down this year due to the pandemic. People don’t like to come to the market in the fear of getting infected with the virus as the COVID-19 cases has risen to 198982 in the state.

Following the lack of customers, the shops are wearing a deserted look, unlike the previous years.

Gautam Talukdar a businessman said “We are facing huge losses this year due to the pandemic. Earlier in the lockdown period, we were being forced to shut shops during Bohag Bihu festival. The situation remains unchanged as many people have preferred to stay indoors instead of shopping, “Our godown is full with clothes but less customer in the market”, he added.

“Just 7 days are left for the Durga Puja but the shopping is yet to be done for my family. The situation is different this year because of COVID-19 and we are scared to go to the markets. Physical distancing norms may be hampered if we go out for shopping and that is why we have decided to be more cautious this year.” said Krishanu Parashar a local resident.
Most of the city residents are of the same opinion.

Giridhar Choudhury, President of Bazar committee said, “Businessman are facing tough times as they have to pay rental fees and other taxes. Government should help clay artists and businessman.

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