A British man has been sentenced to three years in jail for having sex with his pet chickens. What was more shocking was that his wife filmed the cruel act of her husband. 

The convict has been identified as 37-year-old Vile Rehan Baig. He was sentenced by Bradford Crown Court. Rehan’s wife had shot the horrifying video and kept them in a folder named ‘family vids’. 

According to a report in Daily Mail, the couple used a GoPro camera to capture the depraved act of her in the basement of their home.  

The court was told that the man’s wife had joined him in the videos and at one point Rehan alternated between having sex with his wife and the chickens.

The two chickens later died as a result of a sexual act with them. In his verdict, the judge told the accused that his behaviour was ‘despicable, depraved and perverted’ and his actions would make any normal member of a society sick.

Haleema Baig, the 38-year-old wife of the accused, admitted in the court to aiding and abetting the cruel act of her husband. However, she was spared jail term after the judge learned that the woman had suffered abuse at the hands of her Rehan Baig.

The matter came to light after the couple’s home in Great Horton in Bradford, West Yorkshire, was raided by National Crime Agency on July 9, 2019 after a complaint that Baig possessed images of sexual abuse of children. 

After the raid, the police seized two computer towers, a laptop, a mobile phone and recovered child sexual abuse material from the gadgets.

According to prosecutor Abigail Langford, several videos were found in Rehan Baig’s gadgets in which he was found to have penetrative sexual intercourse with the defenceless animals.

With inputs from Times Now

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