A video Zoom call has gone viral on social media. In this video, a girl named Shweta is talking to a female friend about one of her boy friend’s past relationship. Shweta forgot to turn off her mic on the Zoom call and her phone conversation was audible to everybody. This viral video has led to ‘Shweta’ trending on social media and a subsequent meme fest has begun. 

Viral video of online class

Shweta trends on Twitter as her viral call leaks online

Social media often witnesses several viral videos and photos every day. Now, a video from a Zoom call has gone viral on social media. According to this viral video, more than 111 students seem to have gathered for a lecture on Zoom. One of the participants in the call named Shweta seems to be talking to one of her friends named Radhika on a separate call. But unfortunately, Shweta’s mic was on and her conversation with Radhika was completely audible to the remaining participants on the now-viral Zoom meeting video.

In the viral video, she is discussing another boy’s romantic relationship on the call. On the call, she further details the boy’s past relationships as told to her by him. The call caught everybody’s attention since she discussed intimate details about the boy’s relationship. During the entire viral video, other participants of the call are heard screaming and advising her, ‘Turn off your mic’ and ‘Shweta mic is on’. Some participants even discuss calling her and informing her about the same. Watch this entire viral Zoom meeting video here.

Within hours of the video’s release online, it went viral on social media. Check

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