As the ensuing election is coming near, the political parties are gearing up activities in the area. Political parties are putting banner and signboards in a competitive manner indiscriminately. A large number of such posters and bills can be seen in the boundary wall of Bhattadev University. Hence section of students demands the removal of the political flags from the campus which affects the beauty of the campus.

Ahead of the Assam Assembly Elections, the students of Bhattadev University has demanded immediate removal of the flags of political parties from the university campus in front of the gate.
A student of this college said to Times of Northeast, “This is our University where students come here to study, not a political party office. Authority must look into the matter”.

Another student said, “It has come to our notice that various political parties put their flags in front of our university gate. We request to the authorities to remove the flag from the University gate”.

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