In an unprecedented democratic protest, a youth sat on a dharna after he came to know that a girl, who as per the youth is his girlfriend, decided to get married with someone else.

The youth Baharul Islam Mazumder, who hails from Lala’s Sheralipur village, sat on the dharna with placards in front of Abdullapur police outpost in Lala in South Hailakandi district on Sunday afternoon.

Baharul alleged that a girl, who according to him is his girlfriend, played with his emotions and decided to marry someone else. He was in relationship with the girl, who is a resident of Vichingcha village in Hailakandi, for the past seven years, he claimed.

He alleged that he had spent an amount of around Rs. 3 lakh on the girl which he earned by working in a garment store in Bengaluru.

Whenever he visited his village from Bengaluru, he met the girl and gave her expensive gifts.

On Sunday, he came to know that the girl is going to get married with another man, following which he decided to sit on the dharna so that everyone gets to know what the girl did to him, he said. He demanded that the girl, with whom he dreamt his entire life, should come back to him.


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