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In a bid to generate awareness among the masses against plastic pollution and deforestation, a group of five youths from Assam’s Pathsala in Bajali district walked almost 120 kilometres to the Everest base camp of Mount Everest.

The youths, Nitish Das, Kishor Choudhury, Dhrubajoyti Talukdar, Dintu Talukdar, and Dishanta Kakati covered the entire 120 km walk by foot with a theme of ‘Avoid single use plastic, save green save earth’.

Nitish Das speaking about their awareness mission said, “The weather is changing day by day due to deforestation and plastic pollution. We have to plant trees to save our earth.”

So keeping these things in mind, they decided that instead of celebrating New Year, they should move towards a step to aware the public of how air pollution is a serious health concern.

He added that they have also planned to plant 10 thousand trees in 2022.

“We also appeal to people to plant trees as much they can to save our environment for our future generations”, he added.

Kishor Choudhury, said, “If we work together then we can do something better. We all know that the world is suffering from the lack of oxygen due to COVID-19 pandemic. Earlier we planned five thousand slappings. To save our future we have to do this.” He added.

Dhrubajoyti Talukdar said, “Plasticbags are harmful to human beings.Due to polyethylene waste, millions of animals and birds meet their end every year. People are becoming a prey to various diseases. So we have to stop it.”

Locals of Pathsala facilitied with Gamusha before the journey.

It may be mentioned that earlier this group distributes clothes and foods to the poor people during the time of COVID-19 lockdown. They also distributes food to the stary dogs in Pathsala town.

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