Citizen reporter is active now more than ever, and this kid from Kashmir gets it! A little girl’s video clip has gone viral as she tells her audience about the bad conditions of road with the help of her video journalist, her mother!

“You can see how the rains have completely destroyed the roads. We will show you!” she is heard saying in her report.

The cute kid then moves forward and begins to walk on the road. As Kashmir has witnessed heavy snowfall since the past few days, the girl points at the dilapidated condition and states that mud and rainfall have made the condition even worse.

The child reporter also comments on how people have made their surroundings dirty by littering around. ‘Kitna kachra phenka hua hai’ (people have thrown garbage), she says.

She is heard saying no guests would want to come to the village. “Itna ganda road hai ki mehman bhi idhar se nahi aa sakte (the road is so bad that guests cannot come through here),” she says in Hindi.

In the end, the energetic child reporter asks her audience to ‘like’, ‘subscribe’ and ‘share’ the video, while promising to return soon with another one.

As per NDTV, the name of the girl and the exact location where she was shooting the video from could not be immediately confirmed.

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