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The ‘Bajali Press Guild’ and ‘Pathsala Bajar committee’ celebrated the birthday of Assam’s Mobile Theatre at ‘Bhagawati Khetra’ in Pathsala in Assam’s Bajali district, where Achyut Lahkhar gave birth to ‘Bhryamyman’ or mobile theatre in the town in the 1963.

Cabinet Minister Ranjit Kumar Dass lit the lamp to officially launch the programme. They also cut a cake on the occasion of the birthday.

Ranjit Kumar Dass said, “The ‘Nataraj Theatre,’ Assam’s first mobile theatre group, was founded in Pathsala in 1963 by veteran theatre organiser Achyut Lahkar. He is known as the “Father of Bhraymaman.” For nearly 40 years, the popular ‘Nataraj Theatre’ performed throughout Assam and other states.”

“Mobile theatre should live on indefinitely. Now a days some younger generations are unaware of the father of Bhraymaman theatre .They should know about the history of Bhraymaman theatre .The committee’s initiative is commendable,” he added.

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