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Mur Xekh Gaan, an Assamese feature film directed by Mumbai-based filmmaker Prabal Baruah, is gearing up for a release in theatres in Assam on October 14.

Mur Xekh Gaan is a story about a man’s longing for the birthplace he left behind twenty-five years ago. Does his longing take him to his hometown? Or does his story take a completely different turn? How does his son, who grew up in Mumbai, handle this situation? Does he get to know the reason why his father never went back to Assam? 

The film goes on to reveal all these mysteries and more. There is intense love between a father and his son. And there are events of trust, mistrust, social discord and its evil after-effects, and reconciliation.

The audience will get to see various shades of people’s characters. The film ends with a prayer for forgiveness and harmonious coexistence for all.

The story is written by Prabal Baruah, who has also written the screenplay.

The producer of the film is Bijoy Dowerah, who is basically an advertising film producer. Bijoy has written the dialogues and lyrics.

Ajay Singha has composed the title song and is doing the background score as well. Sound design and mixing has been done by Debajit Changmai and Amrit Pritam.

All these people pouring their hearts into the project are Mumbai-based Assamese people. The story may not be a story of any one of them but longing for the homeland is as intense in each one of them.

There are others from Mumbai in the team. Ace cinematographer Arun Varma has handled the camera and captured the beauty of Assam like never before.

Celebrated director and editor Sankalp Meshram has edited the film. DI has been done by another experienced hand, Malay Ray. All three of them studied filmmaking at the prestigious FTII, Pune. 

With such an experienced team working tirelessly for the film, technical brilliance is guaranteed. 

It will not be wrong to say it is a star-studded project. You have Arun Nath and Mridula Baruah in lead roles. Kamal Lochan is playing an extremely lovable character. Viewers will love Bibhuti Bhushan Hazarika and Pratibha Choudhury too. 

But as main actors, Arghadeep Baruah and Srijani Bhaswa Mahanta have stolen the show. Their chemistry takes the film to another level.

Zubeen Garg has sung the title song. One solo instrumental version of the title track has been played on Sarod by Ayaan Ali Bangash, grandson of the first Assamese movie star Phunu Baruah of Joymoti fame.

There are two Jyoti Sangeets recreated for the film, which are sung by two other star singers Deeplina Deka and Ritrisha Sarmah.

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