Amid this gloom of uncertainty and unrest wrought by the pandemic, some are worried about losing their jobs in the present, others dread an unseen future. This bunch of educated youth from Bajali however, have channelised their hard work into farming. Unperturbed by the churn in their lives, they find new meaning and joy in farming.They were farming winter season vegetables like Cabagge, Potato,Radish,Tomato,Spongegurd, Mustard seeds etc.

Educated youth

As the unemployment problem raises across the country these youths from various places of Bajali area like Pathsala, Patacharkuchi, Muguriya, Nityananda and Tihu are busy in farming under the initiative of Dhruba Jyoti Dutta, a resident of Patacharkuchi. The youths decided to give a try in farming as they could not get a job after completing graduation.

Dhruba Jyoti Dutta said, “We have created a WhatsApp group to connect youths from various places of Bajali area. After losing our jobs, instead of losing hope, many educated youths took up farming, which is a good sign. Till today we have covered 30 bighas of land.” “Instead of staying at home, if every youth takes up farming, our State will become like Punjab,” he added.

Tridip Kalita, who has done MA in Philosophy, said, “I lost my job due to the pandemic. I have learned something new after taking up farming and I am happy for that.”

Dimpol Nath, a computer engineer said, “During the lockdown I have lost my job in a private company and farming offers me an opportunity to live in a pollution-free environment.”

Kumud Kalita, a graduate, said, “I want to become a farmer because farming requires low capital investment. I can also serve the society by offering people healthy and nutritious farm products from my farm.”

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