At a time when price of the essential communities touch the sky. This 82-year-old rickshaw puller named Sambhu Kalita from Pathsala in Assam’s Bajali district waiting for passengers to earn his livelihood.He earns rupees 50 to 60 per day on average from passengers.

He is poor and didn’t give up his profession. Everyday he has to work hard to maintain his family. Since last 65 years he hires a rickshaw from the owner on a daily rent basis and comes out on the streets early in the morning and works with his rickshaw till the night. He works in good and bad weather too. Sometimes he feels tired but cannot take rest. Even he cannot take rest during heavy rainfall or in the scorching heat of in the summer. He gets drenched in the rain and burnt in the sun. He must pull rickshaw to earn the daily bread for himself and for his family. Sometimes he feels tired but cannot take rest. He has to live from hand to mouth. Sometimes, his income is less than the usual. Then he faces more difficulties in maintaining his family.

Sambhu Kalita said, “I pay Rs 40 as rent per day for the rickshaw, which comes out to be 1200 per month. It has become difficult to arrange even two squire meals a day. My customer are decreseing because of my age, people don’t want to travel on my rickshaw in sympathy. All those coming out in the market have either car or two-wheeler or electric rickshaw.”
He also said, “I need nothing for me, but all for my family.”
He says he has two daughter and a son with his wife at his home.

A local resident said, “His service is really very good. It is true that his social status is not high at all but He is a friend to all. If we don’t pay him more than the real wage, it’s alright. But we should never underestimate his labor. He finds great pleasure to serve human being at a minimum cost. So we should show due respect to a rickshaw puller.”

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