A Pune businessman and connoisseur of the yellow metal has got himself a “gold mask” in the time of the Covid-19 pandemic raging across Maharashtra.

The man with the golden mask is Shankar Kurade of adjoining Pimpri-Chinchwad town got the mask made costing around Rs 2.90 lakh.

As pictures of him went viral on social media, he admitted that though it had minute holes to breathe and was comfortable to wear, he was unsure if it provided any safety against the deadly virus.

The mask is made of thin gold leaf, along with golden threads to tie it, and the cost is roughly equivalent to the cost of over 1,75,000 ordinary disposable masks or more than 700 PPEs in the market.

Kurade’s gold mask is another addition to a handful of Maharashtra men who are passionate about gold, including Pankaj Parakh of Nashik who owns a 4.10 kg pure gold shirt costing over Rs 1.30 crore, which earned him a place in the Guinness World Records. — IANS

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