The Anti-CAA protests followed by the Covid-19 pandemic has been the worst phase for several business sectors including the ever blooming tourism industry of Assam.

The scores of people working in this sector including the resorts and hotels have been facing the  brunt which is no exception for the Manas National Park a World Heritage Site situated in Assam which is visited by thousands of tourists from across the globe 

“People from different regions of India and foreign nations like U.S.A, Canada, Japan, England, Sweden, Germany, Australia, New Zealand used to visit Manas National Park to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of the park and enjoy the Elephant Jeep Safari, River Rafting. “said a staff of Bansbari lodge.

“The Anti- CAA protests followed by COVID-19 pandemic induced lockdown have crippled the sector as the resorts are in the verge of a shutdown and this has led to the loss of livelihoods for the owners as well as the staff of these resorts. ” said a forest official of Manas National Park.

Dhiraj Das owner of Prakriti Neerh Jungle resort told Times of Northeast that the resorts have been closed for the last six months after the CAA protests followed by COVID-19 pandemic. He said, “We get calls from people asking for a stay in the resort. However, we are following the government orders and keeping our resort closed and the situation has worsened to a state that it has become difficult to manage the 15-16 employees of our resort to pay them.” He also mentioned that all the resorts are facing the same situation and it is a troublesome time for the resorts.

The owners and the staff are however in the ray of hope that the resorts and hotels will be once again full with national and international tourists bringing back the life around Manas National Park. 

However the question that is perplexing the minds of the persons associated with this industry is whether the Tourism Department of Assam will take necessary measures for boosting this sector.

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