Inglish Maker, a popular Youtuber hailing from the Northeastern state of Assam, has earned high praise after generating over Rs 2 lakh to combat the flood problem in Assam. The popular YouTube state recently started a charity vlog on his channel on his YouTube Channel for the victims of Assam Floodsduring which he was able to collect a sum of Rs. 2 lakh.

Taking to Twitter, he tweets, “Thank you so much everyone for donating, we’re closing donation from now. Total INR 2,01,819.59 raised in 2 days. We’ll make distribution to the flood affected areas with my team within next week. We stand together helping together Holy Moly”

Needless to say, Inglish Maker has earned plaudits from his fans as well as the general citizenry for his efforts to bring relief to the flood-affected persons from the remoter areas of Assam.

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