Presley Elvis Hazarika, who is 5 year and 9 months old (birth 22-10-2014) of Guwahati, Assam has set a national record for the longest time to hold a plank with a timing of 36 minutes under the guidance of his trainer Nishant Bordoloi. This attempt was held on 28th July 2020 in his residence, Guwahati. His earlier record was 2 minutes 15 seconds. Master Presley Elvis Hazarika secures his place in the Assam Book of Records (ABR) for his ability and he is honoured with this National Record Certificate. Along with that feat, he also registered his entry in India Book of Records.

Presley Elvis Hazarika is a student of Don Bosco School, Guwahati and is the son of the famous swimmer and athlete Elvis Ali Hazarika. Like father like son, Presley started picking up the plank after the start of lockdown and can even be considered as a lockdown ambassador for positivity. His father and mother Pranami Baruah Hazarika, who is herself a Yoga Expert were practising the daily Yoga routine when young Presley picked up by replicating his parents. “I and my wife were doing yoga fitness and then Presley started copying us and asked regarding the postures. We taught him what’s a plank among other things”, said Presley Elvis Hazarika.

Presley Elvis Hazarika already held the state record for being the youngest to plank with 2 min 15 secs state records. Now he finds himself in the India Books of Records with his extraordinary feat. However, he eyes for the Guinness Book of World Records where a 9-year old plus kid has done the plank for 60 mins.

Meanwhile, his proud parents are very liberal towards his future. “We will support him in anything he wants to proceed. Be it sports, education. Just because I am swimmer, it doesn’t mean he has to follow it. The main priority is to be a good person”, says his father.

The entire family teaches us not only a wonderful lesson of staying fit with their regular fitness routines but also a valuable message of motivating kids to find their feet by not pressuring them and instead guide them. More power to such parents.

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