The father of the 11-days-old infant who was killed and buried nearby the bank of the Bisannala River Bank in Dubi-Malipara village has been arrested by Bajali police.

As per reports, the man identified as Niranjan Malakar, allegedly planned to sell the baby at 4 lakhs with the help of a doctor after its birth.

However, family members intervened following which he (father) was unable to sell the baby.

The family members came to know about it and informed the police following which the body of the baby was exhumed.

After receiving information, the Bajali police immediately arrived at the spot of the crime in the presence of the magistrate and exhumed the child’s body close to the Bisannala River’s bank, which is said to be around one kilometre from his home.

Following the incident, the police have arrested two persons in connection to case for questioning. Later, the infant of the father Niranjan Malakar was also arrested by the police.

“They tried to take the baby away a day after the birth, but we stopped them. Later, Niranjan revealed to us that he had obtained Rs 4 lakh from a wealthy couple with Choudhury’s assistance,” the family members told the media.

While speaking to the media, Niranjan said, “I didn’t kill my daughter. I was badly beaten by my two brothers in law and father in law, thus, I went into hiding. I was not involved in selling my daughter for money.”

Moreover, the family members alleged that a doctor, was also involved in the case.

Connecting with the doctor Diganta Choudhury said, “I don’t know about money.”
“After the parents decide for an abortion during six months of pregnancy. I advised them not to do that and donate to some needy family who doesn’t have a child.”

Meanwhile, Bajali police are investigating the case.

The incident has sent shockwaves through the community and has raised questions about the safety of children.


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