The saying “the king is not above the law” once again comes true here at Pathsala in Bajali district of Assam.

The Pathsala town which is presently facing a severe traffic jam problem and to ease the problem the police administration of the district in the last few days has seen very active in the town.

After the order of the Superintendent of Police, Bajali district Dharmendra kumar Das, police is in action in the town and punishing the lawbreaker by locking the tyres of the vehicle and imposing fine to the lawbreaker.

They locks vehicles in the town regularly if found parking in the no parking places.Today police locked one vehicle of even a police officer.Latter it is come to know that the vehicle was belongs to Baghmara outpost in charge Dhanmani Deka and the traffic police imposed a fine of Rs 500 for violating the traffic rules.

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